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Young Learners

Join the LSNZ family now and let the adventure begin!

LSNZ Christchurch: Age 14 - 17

LSNZ Queenstown: Age 15 - 17


Dive into the world of English, young learners. Your adventure begins here and now!

Join us on a fun language journey with LSNZ in Queenstown and Christchurch! Join our program that's not just about books but also loads of cultural awesomeness.


Imagine learning English with incredible

views, cool teachers, and epic activities. It's not just about learning the language; it's about creating unforgettable memories too!

Why choose LSNZ for Young Learner General English / High School Preparation?

LSNZ has a long history of receiving young learners and has consistently delivered outstanding results in preparing them for a high school education in New Zealand or assisting them in reconnecting with their educational system in their home country.

Our offerings include:

Quality homestay families - providing a home away from home. ​


High-quality pastoral care. ​


Latest technology with interactive whiteboards. ​


Daily activities and dedicated holiday programs. ​


Licensed immigration advisor to assist with your visa application. ​


Native language assistance for specific nationalities. ​


Placement into various high schools in Christchurch and Queenstown. ​


Here at LSNZ, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and supportive educational experience for young learners.


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