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Refund Policy

A course is defined by the number of weeks paid for and does not include any bonus or scholarships that may be offered from time to time. Current Government regulations for courses which have already started at private language schools in NZ are:

We (LSNZ) will provide you (student) details of the cost components for the purpose of working out the maximum deductible percentage. Before commencement of the course: In the event of a visa decline from Immigration New Zealand, we will require a copy of the visa decline letter. In this case, there is a NZ$500 cancellation fee.

In the event of a cancellation before the commencement of the course for other reasons, we will charge a cancellation fee of NZ$500. There will then be a refund of the remaining fees, less administration and bank fee.

3.1 Refunds are sent to the payment source (usually agent/retailer) after the student has cancelled their student visa for LSNZ and changed their return flight and shown these to the Director at LSNZ. After the above periods, no refund will be given unless in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Director.

3.2 Refunds are calculated in NZ$ regardless of the currency in which payment was received.

3.3 Students cannot shorten courses or transfer afternoon classes to extra morning classes. Students are not able to transfer their tuition fees to another student.

3.4 Accommodation cancelled more than 2 weeks before the course starts will be charged the Accommodation Placement fee.

3.5 Accommodation cancelled or altered less than 2 weeks before the course starts will be charged the Accommodation Placement fee and 2 weeks accommodation fees.

3.6 The enrolment fee is non-refundable.

3.7 After arrival accommodation payments can be refunded after 2 weeks’ notice is given to both the host family and Homestay coordinator or to the LSNZ manager.

3.8 Students cannot have their first 4 weeks of accommodation refunded, this is due to the Accommodation Guarantee we must give. Accommodation refunds after that are given after 2 weeks’ notice.

3.9 No refunds on extensions once payment has been made.

3.10 Closure Event

3.11 Should any undisclosed medical condition arise, the school retains the right to void the course enrollment, with no provision for a refund.


LSNZ protects its students’ tuition and accommodation fees with a bank bond and static trust approved by the NZQA. In the event of a course or school closure, students are advised that they may contact the NZQA for details of a refund for the course and accommodation fees outstanding.


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