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Student Support

We can provide support in different languages such as Japanese, Portuguese, Czech and Spanish.

We will help you to find
the right job for your course requirements, experience in the field and English ability!

Below are some of the services we can help you with:

Visa applications and renewals

Opening bank accounts

IRD number

Academic counseling / Pathway planning

Travel & activities advice

Job hunting support

Accommodation support

Student Support Sessions are held every week after class.

LSNZ is a Category 1 school which allows our students on a Student Visa work work up to 20 hours per week.

We also recommend you do the following: ​


Check employment sites on the internet. Some useful employment websites are:



Check out the following for NZ study and work (work rules for students).


Cost of Living



Room rental (flat-shared room) $250.00+/week
Room rental (flat-single room) $300.00+/week
Backpackers (dorm, share)
$35.00 - $40.00/night

Traveling with Headphones


Get your Bee Card from the airport, or your bus driver.

It's $5 for the card and a $10 minimum top up.  Top-ups on - bus (cash) or anywhere Bee Cards are sold.

$2 with Bee Card, to go anywhere, with a free transfer within 30 minutes. Cheap!

$5 with cash, to go anywhere except the airport - cash fares starting or finishing at the airport are $10.  No free transfer with cash.

Beef Steak

Meals & Drinks:

Lunch (restaurant) From $12.00
Dinner (restaurant) From $30.00
A cup of coffee (café) From $4.50
Big Mac Meal Around $12.00
A glass of beer (bar) $7.00 – $10.00

Bag of Groceries


Milk (1L) $2.50
Bread (700g) $2.50
Eggs $7.00-/dozen
Apples $3.00-/kg
Chicken Breast $12.00-/kg
Lamb chop $20.00-/kg
Beef steak $20.00-/kg
Cheese (750g) $7.50
Instant noodle $2.00



Scenic boat ride $57.00
Gondola ride $39.00
Bungy Jump From $205.00
Ski/Snowboard lift ticket From $150.00
Spectacular mountain view FREE!

Empty Gym


Library FREE
Movie $15.00 - $20.00
Game of pool $2.00
Gym (weekly) $20.00 - 30.00
Postage (domestic) $0.80 (medium letter) / $2.40 (large letter)
Postage (international) $2.50 (medium letter) / $5.40 (large letter)

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